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Welcome to the Senior Issues website. We are trying with this site to provide information with a particular Scottish dimension to the elderly in Scotland. We wish to thank our site sponsors whose assistance has been invaluable and is much appreciated. We would also like to thank all other contributors to the site for the time and effort they have taken to help us.

It is impossible in one location to cover all matters which might affect older citizens. We have tried to bring together information on what we see as just some of the main issues. But we hope to evolve and improve this site as we go on and we would welcome any comments and suggestions for doing that from you, our site visitors.

Equity Release is becoming more and more popular, and Caesar and Howie are well known as equity release solicitors in Scotland, acting for clients releasing money from their houses all over the country. Read our Equity Release guide

Caesar and Howie are highly experienced in Equity Release and we are members of ERSA.

Specialist advisors

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Key Retirement Solutions is the UK’s leading firm of independent financial advisers (IFA) specialising in equity release.  We provide independent and impartial advice on all of the equity release plans available, backed by an unrivalled knowledge of the market.  As part of our commitment to developing the equity release market.

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At Age Partnership, we believe that people who are at, or approaching, retirement deserve to get the best out of life. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with over 250 employees, we have tailored a range of financial solutions specifically for the over 55s.  Every one of the services we provide is designed to help current, and soon-to-be, retirees make the most of their finances – enjoying the funds and the equity that’s built up in their property.

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Equity Release Supermarket are award winning equity release specialists with extensive knowledge in helping homeowners realise their goals and dreams. We are one of the leading independent equity release brokers and offer a free initial no obligation meeting by telephone, or in the comfort of your own home.

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Equity Release is a specialised area of Financial Planning, and we have created a National concept that will deliver only the very highest of standards in this field. Our Services cater for Specialist Financial Advisers, Introducers and clients looking for truly Independent Equity Release facilities.

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