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What is not Assisted Suicide
February 05, 2015

Evidence continues to be taken in Holyrood over the proposed new assisted suicide law.† Most commentators seem to...

Legal Standards Alert on Equity Release as Market Booms†
September 04, 2014
Concern over adviser awareness of new standards introduced in January 2014

The Equity Release Solicitors’ Alliance is...

A delicate issue for older people in Scotland
August 21, 2014

Many Scottish couples are lucky enough to enjoy long and happy marriages and to have children.† Most of...

Ensuring older folk donít come to harm
June 09, 2014

As we age many of us will enjoy living in a safe environment with care and support from...

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Welcome to the Senior Issues website. We are trying with this site to provide information with a particular Scottish dimension to the elderly in Scotland. We wish to thank our site sponsors whose assistance has been invaluable and is much appreciated. We would also like to thank all other contributors to the site for the time and effort they have taken to help us.

It is impossible in one location to cover all matters which might affect older citizens. We have tried to bring together information on what we see as just some of the main issues. But we hope to evolve and improve this site as we go on and we would welcome any comments and suggestions for doing that from you, our site visitors.

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